Working safely

COVID-19 rules for university operations

The framework conditions for working from home of 1 October 2021 enter into force again on 16 May 2022. In well-founded cases, exceptions are still possible; the superior makes the decision.

  1. Wearing a face mask at the workplace (including meetings), in public areas, at the Vienna University Library and at events is strongly recommended (use of FFP2 face masks is no longer mandatory).

  2. The use of FFP2 face masks is still mandatory during courses and exams (exception: people lecturing or participants making oral contributions). This also applies to laboratory operations involving students and doctoral candidates.

  3. Suspected COVID-19 infections have to be clarified immediately (public health service hotline 1450). Please report a COVID-19 infection via the service desk. Follow the instructions given there.

  4. Business trips/releases from duties to regions for which travel warnings of level 5 or level 6 have been issued require a statement by the head of the organisational unit as well as approval from the head of the Human Resources and Gender Equality service unit (via Mandatory: cancellation insurance, travel health insurance

  5. Events may take place subject to the current regulations that also apply outside the University of Vienna and subject to safety measures. Conference and Event Management must be notified of any planned event with more than 500 participants in advance.

Please continue to adhere to the general hygiene rules and rules of conduct (wash or sanitise your hands regularly, open the windows regularly, etc.) as well as to the principle of never going to work when sick. The University still recommends getting a (booster) vaccination and getting PCR-tested regularly.

COVID-19 Information to download and FAQs

Additional printable templates and information 

The graphic design service has created templates, posters and icons for warning notices and is happy to help you create special warning signs for your department ( ).



T-shirts and floor stickers to order (

  • "Keep your distance" floor sticker (EUR 4.68 net)
  • "Krisensicher" (crisis proof)  t-shirt (EUR 13.33 net)

Protective equipment (FFP2 face masks, etc.)

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COVID-19 access tests and testing offers


People living or working in Vienna can take a COVID-19 PCR gargle test 5 times a month free of charge as part of the ‘Alles gurgelt’ (everybody gargle) campaign.

Sample collection stations at the University of Vienna

While supplies last, employees and students can collect no more than 3 "Alles gurgelt" testing kits per week upon presentation of an ID card at the following locations:

    • Main Building (main entrance, at the porter's desk)
      Universitätsring 1, 1010 Vienna

    • Neues Institutsgebäude (NIG) (main entrance, at the porter's desk)
      Universitätsstrasse 7, 1010 Vienna

    • Juridicum (Aula, at the porter's desk)
      Schottenbastei 10-16, 1010 Vienna
    • University of Vienna Biology Building (UBB) (main entrance, at the porter's desk)
      Djerassi-Platz 1, 1030 Vienna
    • Max Perutz Labs (main entrance, at the porter's desk)
      Dr.-Bohr-Gasse 9, 1030 Vienna
    • UZA II (main entrance, at the porter's desk)
      Althanstrasse 14 (UZA II), 1090 Vienna
    • Kolingasse (main entrance, at the porter's desk)
      Kolingasse 14-16, 1090 Vienna
    • Chemistry (main entrance, at the porter's desk)
      Währinger Strasse 42, 1090 Vienna

    • Physics (main entrance, at the porter's desk)
      Strudlhofgasse 4, 1090 Vienna

    • Translation Studies
      Gymnasiumstrasse 50, 1190 Vienna (at the porter's desk)

COVID-19 test box: PCR test 5 times per month/person free of charge

Employees and students of the University of Vienna can take a COVID-19 PCR gargle test at the test box in front of the Main Building free of charge 5 times a month. (You can decide how you wish to take the 5 PCR tests: via ‘Alles gurgelt’ or directly at the test box.) 

  • PCR test for free (5 tests per month/person)

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday, 8:00-18:00
Saturday to Sunday, 9:00-17:00

The text box in front of the Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz is closed from may.

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COVID-19 vaccination

There are numerous options for getting vaccinated in Vienna - with and without an appointment.

You can find detailed information at the Impfservice Wien. For information on vaccination offers in the federal states, go to "Österreich impft" ).

There are various opportunities to get tested regularly, such as the COVID-19 test box in front of the Main Building, which is open: Monday-Friday, 7:00-19:00; Saturday and Sunday, 9:00-17:00.

Further information is available in the COVID-19 FAQs.

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Suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infection

Employees report their COVID-19 infections via the service desk. They are requested to notify their contacts directly. All information is available under Reporting suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infection. This document contains information about the following topics:

  • Reporting suspected COVID-19 infections of employees (without test result)
  • Reporting COVID-19 infections of employees (with positive test result) 
  • Reporting COVID-19 infections of students 
  • Information for 
  • Procedure in a suspected cluster 
  • Definition of contacts

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Emergency text massaging

New text messaging service for university members

The University of Vienna has launched an emergency text messaging service. This service notifies university members in cases of a sudden emergency via text message. The main objective is to quickly and immediately notify university members in case of an incident (such as a major fire in a building).

All employees who have a business mobile phone are notified of any incident in any case. Employees who do not have a business mobile phone can register for the service on a voluntary basis with their private mobile phone number in u:space. In the future, students will also be able to register for the service. Those university members who register for this service on a voluntary basis can deregister again at any time. This service contributes to safe university operations. Additional information about data processing activities by the University of Vienna can be found in u:space and the  Data Protection Declaration.

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Safety at work

The University is a large community. Students, academics and administrative staff meet on site and digitally.
The following website provides tips and information and the most important contact points for working and studying successfully together.

Working safely on-site

Working safely online

Employees spend a lot of time in the digital realm. The following information aims to contribute to your safety online.

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