This website provides up-to-date information about teaching at the University of Vienna as well as useful information for planning and holding your courses.

Please adhere to the applicable COVID-19 regulations of the University of Vienna.

Students in the lecture hall with ffp2-masks


Teaching in the summer semester of 2022

To ensure safe university operations in the summer semester of 2022, the following rules apply.

  • Courses and exams take place on site. 
  • To a certain extent, courses can take place in a digital or mixed format. When selecting the format of a course or exam, its quality is decisive. Please also coordinate the formats with your directorate of studies (SPL).
  • From 1 March 2022 onwards, the proofs of being PCR-tested, or vaccinated or of having recovered from a COVID-19 infection are not checked any more.
  • The use of FFP2 face masks is mandatory during courses and exams throughout in all interior spaces, for the time being (exception: people lecturing or oral contributions by participants).
  • All seats may be used.

Recommendations for working and studying safely together:

  • Get tested regularly, e.g. as part of the “Alles gurgelt” (everybody gargle) initiative.
  • Protect yourself from a severe course of the infection through a vaccination, especially by getting the booster vaccination.

Key information for your courses

Support for planning and holding courses

You can use a wide range of support offers by the Center for Teaching and Learning to hold your courses and exams.

Further information: https://ctl.univie.ac.at/

Moodle newsroom

The Moodle newsroom provides space for exchange about digital teaching and offers information as well as inspiration for teachers.

Here, you can find:

  • Stimuli for planning and holding your courses
  • Opportunities to exchange with colleagues
  • Consultation hours regarding different didactic and technical topics (current dates can be found in the Consultation hours calendar). 
  • Technical and didactic instructions and self-study material, archive of previous webinars, user guides, Moodle templates and much more

You can find the enrolment key for the Moodle newsroom on the intranet.

Good to know

"Better teaching" info pool

In addition to introductions to diverse topics, the info pool offers materials and examples that you can apply in your courses. You may use these suggestions to further improve your courses or use them as support for higher education didactics in combination with a qualification. You can obtain stimuli for your courses from the teaching approaches of other teachers at the University of Vienna and may also share own good practices.

To the "Better teaching" info pool

Information for directorates of studies (SPL) and administrative employees

Directorates of studies (SPL) and administrative employees involved in teaching operations (SSCs, service units) can find all information on the SSC Portal.

Information for students

The following website provides up-to-date information about studying on site, digitally and in hybrid form: https://studieren.univie.ac.at/en/studying-exams/

FAQs Teaching



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Vienna University Library (UB)


Which rules apply for the University Library?